women’s body transformations!

Needless to say… 

What we do WORKS!

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Ashley’s 8-week transformation! She was kind of upset by the scale not dropping, but really happy when she saw the before and after progress pics. The scale won’t tell you the amount of lean body mass gain and body fat you drop.

Megan dropped 10 lbs. and had a huge body composition in her 8-week challenge.

6 weeks complete, and 2 more to go, but we’ve got to show off these quads and guns. Big improvements for Almira!

Dee and I have worked for over 6 months to prepare her for her first competition. She truly impressed me with her work ethic and dedication. I can’t wait to see what the future her holds for this bright competitor.

Mahtena has transformed her body and maintained a physique that most people half her age aim for as their goal.

HollidayBAM client, K, has consistently dropped body fat over the past 9 weeks. She has a busy work schedule but she still finds time to meal prep and get her workouts done.

HollidayBAM client, Lauren, showing amazing progress over the past year.

HollidayBAM client, “A”, seeing some great progress in just a couple months of healthy dieting and training. She’s now down 10lbs and I’m very proud of her!

“Never thought I would have the guts to post this but here goes nothing…12 weeks ago I started a journey to better myself. To make me feel more confident and beautiful. It was a hard journey but well worth it. Today I feel amazingly beautiful and way way more confident. Thank you Scott [hollidayBAM] for helping me! I can’t wait to see what a year will do to me!”

Maria did a 12 week program and has continued the lifestyle and hasn’t looked back… except for the occasional progress check. Keep kicking butt Maria!

Amy is one of my favorite client transformations. This hard working woman dropped an average of 2.5lbs per week

Kala used the 4 week HollidayBAM program and lost 9lbs by week 3!

HollidayBAM client, Brittany, came to me with the goal of reducing body fat and aiming for 130lbs while keeping strength for a powerlifting competition.

Olivia, a figure competitor, wanted to add some muscle mass before her competition and has been working with me for over 6 months. She keeps seeing results and hasn’t slowed down yet!

After Stephanie started working with us she lost 10 pounds in just 4 weeks!

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